ORCA-USA’s extensive research is available to all hearing healthcare professionals through many publications. The topics covered in our research and a PDF of our synopsis with links to our articles can be found below.

Synopsis of Research Articles Published in the USA
Section Titles:

I.                Signal Processing - DSP & ISP

II.               Compression

III .             Microphone (and Directional) Research

IV.              Feedback Cancellation

V.               Noise Reduction & Speech in Noise

VI.              Linear Frequency Transposition (Audibility Extender)

VII .            Earmold & Venting

VIII.            Ampclusion Management

IX.              BTE Coupling & Efficacy (Including RIC/Open)

X.               Fine Tuning Concepts

XI.              Acclimatization

XII.             Verification Strategies for Non-Linear Hearing Aids

XIII.            Pediatric

XIV.            FM & Direct Audio Input (DAI)

XV.             Novel Use of Hearing Instruments

XVI.            Miscellaneous

XVII.           Tinnitus (Zen)

XVIII.          Wireless Technology

Click the link below for the synopsis with links to articles

Synopsis of Research Articles Published in USA