ORCA-USA has developed a bottom-up training CD for vowels and consonants used by many clinicians with their patients.

It is a take-home training software for adults aiming to increase attention to and identification of targeted sounds in quiet and in noise.

Training includes directed listening of voiceless consonant sounds and all vowels. The training is not targeted at specific auditory skills such as auditory closure, but hopefully heightens attention, discrimination and memory skills. The training program has an option to perform training in variable noise backgrounds. The program is appropriate for adults with a hearing loss, but especially ideal for those with a sloping high frequency loss. 

NOTE:  Not meant to replace commercial materials. NOT VALIDATED.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the ORCA-NST for research purposes may request a copy free of charge by contacting us.

Audibility Training CD Activities

"Count the Number"
This activity is to increase concentration on a selected phoneme in running speech. The task is to count the number of times the target sound occurs. 
"Picture Puzzle"
The missing words in each puzzle will focus on a particular sound for that day. The crossword puzzle will be displayed with a sentence above. The task is to click on the word that completes the sentence. When the correct word is entered, a part of the underlying picture will appear. 
"Sound Matrix"
This game helps to differentiate between similar sounding words. A grid with similar sounding words along both axes is presented. Clicking on a box will present two words. The task is to answer the question “Can you hear a difference?” The words will sound more similar (task gets harder) the closer to the middle diagonal that the patient gets.
"Sound Matching"
The purpose of this game is to familiarize the patient with high frequency consonant sounds. Column A is the main stimulus that should be matched to the stimulus in column B.